New stuff I’ve found.

First, MS Paint Adventures. (Warning: includes some poop and pee jokes.) These are parodies of old adventure games, and the course of action is somewhat determined by the suggestions provided by readers. There are three adventures. Two, Jailbreak and Bard Quest, are rather short and manageable. The third (still in progress), Problem Sleuth, is very long a byzantine and 87% AWESOME. I literally lost a few hours reading it. So beware.

Box Brown’s Bellen just recently did a series of cartoons in the style of other cartoonists (web and print), which is what pulled me in. But I’ve been back lately, and I like it. It’s sort of quiet and poetic, reminiscent of Cat and Girl, Jimmy Corrigan, and James Kochalka’s work.

Finally, Gordon McAlpin’s got a good arc going on over at Multiplex, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this resolves.

I think I’ll expand my links section… maybe make a separate page. I read lot of comics.