Finn and CharlieFinn and Charlie are the eponymous heroes of this comic. A misanthrope and a goofball, respectively.

CandyCandy is Finn’s friend from work. Every gay guy needs a pushy broad for a friend.

MandyMandy is Candy’s sister. They are not twins, despite their mother’s best efforts.

CoreyCorey is Mandy’s gay teenaged son. Finn was asked to be his “gay mentor”. Corey was probably named for Corey Feldman and not Corey Haim.

JimJim is another work friend of Finn’s. He’s also gay, and feels that’s sufficient reason to be friends with Finn and Charlie.

JaimeJaime is Jim’s husband. He’s, what, in his fifties? Look at that thick, luxuriant hair. That’s hardly fair. I’m just sayin’.

KevinKevin is a childhood friend of Charlie’s. His quest in life is men, men, and more men, preferably chunky and hirsute.

GusGus resents everything about his brother, Finn, which makes him great fun at parties.