I’m jumping on the Labor Day weekend bandwagon of recommending three comics I haven’t recommended before. These are really good and you should go check them out.

First, two long-format graphic-novel-type sagas. You really must go back and read these from the beginning; don’t do it all at once, just read a few pages today, a few pages another day:

Templar, Arizona
The fact that it’s written by a woman called Spike is enough reason to check it out, but stick around for the wild characters and imaginative alternate society. My favorite part is the interlude about the Sincerists, who never lie.

Girl Genius
It took me a few months to catch up on this one, but it’s been a pleasant few months. I’m almost sad to be caught up: now I have to wait for more pages to come out. The blend of fantasy and sci-fi set in an alternate version of Europe reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle, and maybe The Golden Compass. Also: it’s funny.

And now, a daily that I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned before:

Little Dee
“Little Dee” is long-term webcartoonist Chris Baldwin’s foray into a newspaper-style daily comic. It’s got a great ensemble of characters, it’s quirky, and it combines the kind of cynicism mixed with hope and idealism that is my own world outlook.

Go read. And OH by the way: years ago I recommended Medium Large, but the site went offline soon after. The site is back up and new comics are being created, and dammit, go read.