Hello! News news news this week.

First: coming up April 18-19 here in Chicago is the CHIRP Record Fair, and I will be there most of the time if you feel like dropping in. It promises to be good times. I’ll probably have a sketchbook handy… you know, just in case… [Update: I will also be DJing there from 9-10am on Saturday, which is during the special fancy pre-admission period for hard-core record-fanciers.]

(And I know I promised information on how to buy CHIRP’s posters and t-shirts, which were done by Jeffrey Brown. Info should appear on the CHIRP site in the next few days….)

Also: I just discovered a fairly new comic called Viking Zombie Boyfriend, which is about exactly what is sounds like. It’s very entertaining, and the art has that rough, very stylized European quality that Ralph König’s work has. Only different.

And finally, in the land of life imitating art, I just lost my job. I say this not to elicit pity, but because it’s kind of funny! I should never have written this Finn-loses-his-job storyline. It was bad mojo. Who knew?

And actually it’s not that bad for me. Unlike Finn, and unlike most of my friends who’ve been laid off (a depressingly large number of people), I’ve been given four month’s notice. So I’ve got some time to find my next thing.