I know, “aunt’s friend” doesn’t properly sum up the relationship — Finn and Corey really are friends. But this way was creepier, and it is also true.


  • Hitched-cover-thumbBooks! I am having some books printed, pulling together all the comics from the first two years of Hitched. It’s called “Can We Skip to the Part of the Conversation Where I Get My Way?”, and I’ll be selling it at the Windy City Comicon, and the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco October. Plus I’ll be selling it here on the site, just as soon as I figure out how to do that.
  • Windy City Comicon! It’s a little over two weeks away (on September 19). We’ll be doing a webcomics panel and I’ll have a table. The Windy City Comicon is easy to find, up there on North Halsted Street, about a block north of Addison, in the community center that shares a building with Whole Foods.
  • Job! Oh yeah I got a job! This is a good thing, but it may put a cramp in my updating schedule. I will keep up the twice-weekly schedule as long as I can. Thank you, everyone who was happy about the increased updates. Your feedback makes me want to keep doing it. But if I can’t do it and maintain the quality I want… well, back to once a week it is.