A big thanks to everyone who came out for APE! (And welcome, new readers!) Each of you rocks my world in your own special individual way.

Thanks also for your patience, since my site was down most of Sunday and part of Saturday. (I’m feeling pretty pissed at my hosts right about now, since they were very slow about fixing it.)

Anyway, if you couldn’t make it to APE or the Windy City Comicon, remember books are available through the store (which is linked up at the top of every page).

While at APE I got a chance to meet a whole lot of really cool people, which was great. (That’s kind of why I went, actually.) People like Paige Braddock and Sina Grace and Zan Christensen and Rachel Dukes and Mike Lopez and Jeff Krell and Jon Macy (some images NSFW) and Keith Knight and a whole bunch more. I will not bore you with lists.