Hey folks!

First: thank you to everyone who came out to CAKE last weekend! It was a blast to see you there.

Second: if you are in the Chicago area, maybe you’d like to come to the gay comics signing/party at Chicago Comics, from 5-8pm next Saturday, June 23rd? It will be fun! Justin Hall will be there with pre-release copies of the new Fantagraphics anthology, No Straight Lines, and he’s going to give a presentation at 5pm. The Comic Book Queers, AKA the CBQties, will be there to do a podcast, and you’ll also see Jay Fuller, Eric Johnson, Jeremy Sorese, and Jonathan Bell Wolfe, plus maybe others. Come on down!

Finally, I know a LOT of you are not in Chicago. Many are not even in the US… I will update the store shortly with the new book so you can order it sent to whatever corner of the world you call your own.


PS: Thanks to Jon Macy for helping me with the idea for this week’s script while we were at CAKE together. HI JON!