How Would I Know If You're Dreaming?

Volume 3 of Finn and Charlie Are Hitched, How Would I Know If You’re Dreaming?, is now available. The book with contains comics run online in 2010 and 2011, and includes such story lines as Charlie’s Indie Rock Beard, Finn’s Dream, Candy’s Long-Lost Daughter, and When Finn Met Charlie.

Finn and Charlie Are Hitched is a slice-of-life comic about a gay couple and their friends. It was nominated for an Ignatz award in 2011 in two categories: Outstanding Online Comic and Promising New Talent.

“Humor isn’t hard to find in comics, and keen observations of life and relationships are common enough in art, but rarely are these two qualities combined as enjoyably as they are in Hitched.”
– Jeffrey Brown, Clumsy and Darth Vader and Son

“Tony Breed has managed to take the best elements of the classic family comic strips and
re-imagine them as a modern, gay webcomic. The result is a smart, quirky, and hilarious look at
both the absurdity and mundanity of a modern family; Finn and Charlie Are Hitched is not to be missed!”
—Justin Hall, No Straight Lines and Glamazonia, the Uncanny Super-Tranny!

Hitched is warm and wonderful in every way—from Finn and Charlie themselves, to the humor and the incandescent art.”
—Gordon McAlpin, Multiplex

You can purchase How Would I Know If You’re Dreaming from the Hitched store