Boy Tony, you know how to get people’s attention! Bury your fundraising plea beneath a long blog post about gay teenagers.

ANYway, I thought I’d take a moment to repeat that last paragraph from Tuesday:

Oh let’s see, what else… you all know that in addition to writing this comic, I help to run an independent radio station in Chicago called CHIRP Radio, right? We are volunteer-run and listener-supported. And it’s fund-raising time. And I have an idea. Lately I’ve been exploring the idea of pinups. Donate $50 or more to CHIRP and I will make you a custom pinup—just give me a theme! Donate $25 or more and I will send you a print of a pinup of my choice. Donations can be made here (tell them I sent you); then email me at hitched at tonybreed dot com.

Also? If pinups don’t appeal to you, let me know; I bet we can come up with something else!