So, you do remember that Charlie is volunteering at a radio station and he’s in training to be a DJ, right? I mean, why would you forget something like that? You can forget your mother’s birthday, but I expect you to commit all minor plot points of this comic to memory. You’ll be quizzed later.

Jeffrey Brown T-Shirt for CHIRPJeffrey Brown Poster for the CHIRP Record Fair
So I keep mentioning Jeffrey Brown t-shirts and posters… I have the t-shirts! And I have the posters! (And they will be signed posters, too, by tomorrow night.) It’s very exciting. What I do not have is a link where you can go and purchase these. BUT here’s what you can do instead: go to and click on “donate” in the left column. Donate $15 for each t-shirt, and $20 for each poster. Add shipping and handling, too: it’s $3 each for the US and Canada, $6 elsewhere, free if you plan to pick it up at the record fair. Then email me at chirp [at] tonybreed [dot] com and tell me what you want and I’ll put it in the mail. We have standard and “girly”, S, M, L, and XL. The t-shirts are made by Tultex and the fit is pretty standard.

Hey and maybe I’ll see you at the record fair. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll be going to Stumptown instead. That’s cool too.

Or maybe you aren’t going anywhere. Do not worry. I do not judge.