Hello! Boy, I am beat. I’m doing a lot of work to get ready for the CHIRP Record Fair. It’s going to be very cool! Our posters and t-shirts this year were designed by Jeffrey Brown. (Want one? Talk to me! Leave a comment and I’ll follow up.)

I will be putting together books and t-shirts for Finn and Charlie are Hitched a little later.

I did buy me and my husband an aspidistra. While I was in the store I kept humming to myself the song “Aspidistra” by the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. (This is a Chicago band, not an actual gospel choir from Scotland Yard. That would be cool too, though.) The song “Aspidistra” sounds like it could have been done by The Jam. The plant aspidistra is a dark leafy thing that can handle low light and now sits behind the sofa.