Hi! First, a big fat welcome to anyone who was at the webcomics panel at the Windy City Comic Con last weekend. Thanks for coming to the panel! Also welcome to anyone visiting from Spike’s and Justin’s sites. HI.

Did you know that the Comic Book Queers interviewed me on their live-from-the-con podcast? It’s not available yet, but when it is, I’m at the very end.

And oh, I’m not usually this political, but ’tis the season. Read on.

I want to dedicate today’s comic to Sarah and Lynn, the young lesbian couple whose wedding we were fortunate enough to attend and witness while we were in San Francisco. (We met them in line at City Hall as we were getting our own marriage license.)

Also, a shout out to Jeremy, who was just in San Francisco for the first time. I was listening to his stories while I drew the panel one for this week, and it put me in a SF frame of mind.

And finally, if the issues raised here mean something to you, and maybe they do, consider making a donation to the Human Rights Campaign so they can fight prop 8, if you can. I know it’s a tight time, financially, but conservative groups around the country are pouring money into a nasty campaign to push proposition 8 in California.

Prop 8 proposes to change the constitution of the state of California to specify that certain couples do not have certain fundamental rights, nor the legal protections that go with them.

I’ve been married for 11 years. We had a nice ceremony in a local church, and we have a little certificate from that. The certificate, however, has no legal value. What I want is the legal benefits, and I got married again a month ago in California in hope of maybe having some of those rights. I don’t care if other people don’t approve of my marriage. We don’t all have to agree. I just want my rights.

Anyway, thanks for your time. I swear as soon as this election is over I’ll go back to larcenous squirrels, bawdy teenagers, and hairline jokes.