Can you believe it? This comic is now 6 year old! (I posted the first comic April 29, 2006.) It’s come a long way, and I’ve learned a lot—there’s a lot I love to redo right now. Anyway, thank you to everyone who reads. Knowing you were there has kept me going all these years.

So: I feel today’s comic may need an explanation for my non-American readers. In the US, a member of the clergy from any recognized religion can legally perform a wedding. (I know in some countries the civil marriage can only be performed by a judge, and the religious marriage is a separate process. Not so here. In addition, the captain of a boat can perform a marriage on his boat, hence all those subplots on The Love Boat.) Anyway, there is of course a recognized religion in the US where anyone can become clergy. When I was a boy, people got ordained by mail order; nowadays it’s something you can do on the internet. In other words, basically any shlub in the US can gain the legal right to officiate at a wedding. This is pretty cool!

I have never officiated a wedding, but my husband has—he officiated the wedding of our friend, the very talented cartoonist Joshua Cotter (read his stuff! it is so good!). I’m a little jealous; I’ve always thought it would be cool to officiate a wedding. I have, on the other hand, DJed one wedding. (Also for a cartoonist: Jeffrey Brown.)

And just for good measure, our second wedding—the legal wedding we couldn’t have the first time around—was officiated by an old friend who is also a cartoonist: Justin Hall (some images NSFW).

I forget where I was going with that except to say, lotta weddings, lotta cartoonists. What’s that about, anyway?

I’ve been lied to! How could The Love Boat have led me astray? Ship captains do not have special dispensation to perform marriages. Thank you to Josh for pointing it out. My friend, you are a pedant after my own heart.