Hey folks! Last week I worked an astounding number of hours at my day job, and then for the weekend I went up to Minneapolis to take part in MIX, which was fantastic. The lovely Sarah Becan was kind enough to share her table with me on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun.

Oh! Also someone came by with a present for me on Sunday (when I wasn’t there), which was very sweet! Was it you? It’s a little ribbon that says “Gaydioactive”. It’s a riot!

Anyway, my point is, I was away from my drawing board all weekend, and had no time last week to get a comic done in advance. So no Finn and Charlie this week! Instead, here’s a sketchbook comic I drew over the weekend. This story is 100% true. It happened just like that, right down to the sofa being in the dining room. (We are having work done, so all the living room furniture is in the dining room.) I think this happened last Tuesday, actually.

Anyway, enjoy! Your regularly scheduled Finn and Charlie comic will be back next week.

Oh yeah, one other piece of news. Parla italiano? The good folks at Renbooks will be translating Finn and Charlie are Hitched into Italian. They comics will go online over there, and I’ll post them over here eventually, too! I’m very excited. Più informazione qui.