Better late than never! Thanks for your patience while I got this comic out.

Today’s comic is a variation on a real conversation I had with my husband while eating Berthillon ice cream in Paris, which is arguably the best ice cream in the city, and priced to match. And then there’s the exchange rate. Whoof! Anywho.

But I really don’t eat much ice cream, fancy or otherwise. I developed some sort of lactose intolerance or other dairy sensitivity, which makes it difficult to eat ice cream. If I’m going to eat it, it damn well better be spectacular. Which is why, when I’m in Tiverton, RI, I always stop at Gray’s Ice Cream. (Order the blueberry. Do it.)

While in Paris I had the pleasure of meeting and lunching with cartoonist and translator Jean-Paul Jennequin. One thing we discussed is whether it would be worth it to translate Finn & Charlie are Hitched into French… alors mes chers lecteurs francophones, que pensez vous? Préféreriez-vous lire mon BD en français? Y a-t-il des gens qui le liraient seulement s’il était en français?