I suppose it depends on where you do your shopping. In some stores, if you don’t preorder, you are kinda SOL.

My husband and I did preorder, and today we went to pick up 19 pounds of Michigan-raised bird. This is good because we’ve got 10 people showing up on Thursday.

Among our guests will be our friends the very talented cartoonist Josh Cotter and his very talented ceramic artist girlfriend Momoko. Josh and Momoko were recently the victims of an apartment fire—not in their own apartment, but downstairs. It turns out even if your apartment doesn’t catch fire there will still be lots of water and smoke damage, and they were not insured. So if you want to help Josh out, you can buy some original artwork here. Josh’s book Skyscrapers of the Midwest is really fantastic and totally brilliant and you can buy it here.

Happy Thanksgiving!