So sometimes you dream your naked, and you keep trying to get dressed, but…

I also have dreams like this about having to pee. I keep trying to find a bathroom, but there’s always something weird: a lone toilet smack in the middle of a crowded room; a broken toilet with a toad living in it; a public bathroom that is also for some reason a weight room full of giant guys working out. Oh! Excuse me! No no, don’t mind me, I’ll check upstairs, I’m sure there’s another bathroom here SOMEWHERE.

Don’t worry, I’m not following up this week’s comic with a bunch of pee jokes.

UPDATE: I’ve been getting some positive feedback about that last panel (you people! you encourage me when I draw naked people and apparently I live to serve you). So my question is: would you buy that as a t-shirt? I mean really really actually buy it, not like, yes but where would I wear it?