Hey cats & kittens!

I am realizing it’s past time for me to update my cast page, so you can keep track of who’s who, eh? Anyone longing for that information? I don’t even think Ken is on that page; I know Krys isn’t.

See, Corey is Candy’s nephew, and he’s a gay college student, and Finn was enlisted a while back to be a “gay mentor”. (Gee, Candy looked in different in 2007!)

Also: as you may know, I am involved with an internet radio station in Chicago called CHIRP Radio. We are volunteer-run and listener supported. (Among other things, I’m a DJ; you can listen to my show on Friday mornings, 6-9am Central.) I got involved with CHIRP because I was tired of mainstream radio. It’s all programmed by some central committee these days; the glory days of radio DJs is over. Well—mostly over. There are independent stations like CHIRP where the shows really are DJ-driven, and I’m really glad to be a part of that.

So anyway, CHIRP is fundraising this week. If you like what CHIRP is doing, you can send us a donation. If you donate and put my name down where it says “how did you hear about CHIRP”, I will send you a mix CD with an illustrated cover. I like to think I have pretty good taste in music.