My friends who are my age have been having kids over the past few years, and I thought it was time to work these kinds of experiences into the comic.

Here’s one that won’t make it in: I was at a child’s birthday party and two kids decided the time was right to play a game you might call “take off Tony’s pants”. Fortunately I am reasonably strong and could fend them off. Frankly, it was funny. It would have been less funny if the pants had come off. (Everything’s all fun and games until somebody loses their pants.)

Hey, my books are supposed to arrive today. Let’s hope they are gorgeous.

And oh, if I’ve given anyone the impression that the Windy City Comicon was this coming weekend (which I kinda thought it was), it’s not. This weekend is the Renegade Craft Fair, and I’ll be tabling for CHIRP Saturday morning.