So last week my husband and I completed something we’d started 11 years earlier — that is, we got the one thing our original marriage ceremony lacked: a marriage license.

Yes, folks, we had ourselves a San Francisco gay wedding.

Now, since we’d already had a nice big wedding, and this one was basically a formality, we kept it small and simple, and we let it get silly. The ceremony was performed by one of my oldest friends (who, it turns out, is authorized to marry people in California), dressed as the Green Lantern. Another old friend was the witness, and a friend of theirs took pictures.

I haven’t mentioned this event to much of anyone yet, because I really do think of it as just a long-delayed formality.

So anyway, there it is: we now have a little legal recognition. The marriage won’t be recognized by our home state, nor our country (not any time soon). But it is valid in California, at least for the time being (vote no on prop 8!). And it would be recognized in some other states, and countries. So that means something to me.

Anyway, I’m writing a similar storyline for Finn and Charlie. Some real elements will make their way into this story, and others will be made up. (For example, I do not know any rabbis in Oakland. Syracuse, yes, but that’s all the way across the country.)