Seriously, what is up with the dialogue on CSI? Could it be any more transparently expository? It’s so ripe for parody I’m sure it’s already been lampooned on SNL or MadTV some time when I wasn’t watching, which is always.

Also: greetings, ‘mudges! (Everyone else: I have a minor addiction to a blog called The Comics Curmudgeon, recommended for anyone who likes to read the whole funny page, good and bad. Last week I admitted to being a web cartoonist, which has given me a flurry of new traffic, some of whom may become long time readers, if I remain sufficiently entertaining.) Thanks to everyone who gave me kind words of encouragement, which is not necessarily to be expected from people who make sport of For Better or for Worse, Ziggy, and Gil Thorp. (On the other hand, how can you not make sport of these strips? I am, at least, not paid for this.)

Apparently ‘mudges like timely updates, and my whole “Tuesday means Tuesday night means Wednesday” deal may no longer hold water. Eh, it’s just as well; Tuesday night is also garbage night